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Jubilee of South Broward

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Jubilee of South Broward

Post  nancym on Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:19 am

Anyone in the Broward area near Hollywood in need of groceries can see if they are eligible for help from Jubilee Center of Broward.


Jubilee is a non-profit soup kitchen with a small staff plus volunteers, but besides hot soup they also provide bags of groceries and other social services (help with food stamps, an address for getting other services, links to other agencies, etc.). I'm not sure what the requirements are for getting the grocery bags, I think it's just having a place to cook, but they have a lot of food donated from Winn-Dixie and all over the county, so there is currently no shortage. Phone number is on the website, of course.

I volunteer for the small computer lab they have there; so if you are nearby and get cut off from the Internet of are too far from a llibrary, you can access your email or claim unemployment benefits or whatever using one of Jubilee's computers. There are just 2 right now (I'm repairing another two soon!), available from 12:30-1:30 M-F only.

They also serve hot meals, and will be serving a breakfast on Thanksgiving Day.

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